Product no.: YT12ED

EasyDot HD Dry

Finally available again - the admired Marker for deep holes in thicker sign materials and many more. Now also available as a „Dry-Pen“. Made in Germany! Amazing.
The new construction marker which serves as a model. Marks and writes on any surfaces. Even on dusty, rough, greasy, wet or dark surfaces.

  •     Refillable case with a special clip
  •     automatic forward pushing of the reservoir
  •     in a stainless steel pipe
  •     Integrated sharpener.
  •     Wet wipeable

Also available as an "ink" version with permanent waterproof black ink: EasyDot "Ink"

Price: per piece
Extras: integrated sharpener
Product Type: pencil
Included: 1 pcs
EasyDot HD Dry

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