Product no.: YT12EDI01

EasyDot HD Ink

Finally available again - the admired Marker for deep holes in thicker sign materials and many more.

You know the problem – the 10mms Forex piece with a bore hole of 5mms has to be screwed onto the wall. But now – how to mark the holes? By a pencil? – too thick. By the reservoir of a biro? - Does not write really well.  Marking by a drill? – Then the sign may slip. The solution is our smart EasyDot!  Due to the extremely long and thin tip and the special ink, it can write through and on almost everything. Thanks to the stable protecting cap with a clip for fixing, it fits into every pocket or bag (especially into our Signtoolbox...). It is robust for and on any construction plant. Due to the readjustable telescope tip, a sound marking even through the thickest materials and on uneven undergrounds is possible without any problem. Ideal for signs, lightened cases or support constructions.

Now also available as a „Dry-Pen“. EasyDot HD "Dry" Made in Germany! Amazing.

Color: black
Price: per piece
Product Type: deep hole marker
Included: 1 pcs
EasyDot HD Ink

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EasyDot HD Ink

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