Product no.: YT15BBC01

BannerBone Classic | Banner Tab | Banner strengthening

It´s a little white, self-adhesive double wing, made of premium polymer, which makes your
life way easier. Place your fresh banner, within seconds, to its fi nal destination in wind and
weather. While a classic grommet often requires annoying fl ip-over, welding or gluing of
bannertrims - the BannerBone sister itself up while sticking it on the front and rear of the

The result is stunning: Research, done in professional wind tunnels, shows that
the BannerBone withstandsmuch more wind than the old-school grommets.
You can mount your BannerBones left and right, top or bottom, or even in a right angle into
the corners of your banner.

The solid plastic loop allows you to put a rope through it to hang it.
But, cutting the loop off won‘t hurt the rigidity. Ok - be fair to yourself and count the time:
Flipping over the banner edge, welding or glueing, holding, waiting, punching and pressing
takes forever. BannerBone just needs fi ve seconds each turn.

And not just Banners can be hung with this system. Coroplasts, Forex, Composite panels and simply every print gets their
message out in seconds. Yes, we LOVE it :)

10 pieces per unit

BannerBone Classic | Banner Tab | Banner strengthening

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BannerBone Classic | Banner Tab | Banner strengthening
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