Product no.: YT11STSET01

SignTrim Set

Finally.....the ultimate deburring set for dibond, forex, acrylic and much more .


The perfect deburring solution for Signmakers! For use with a huge variety of materials, such as aluminum composite, foams, acrylics, steel or plastic. Specially shaped steel and ceramic blades guarantees a perfect finish for every sign. Unfortunately, even here we can´t tell you which tool might be the best for a certain material. It is again an individual thing, which version YOU might find the best.All Deburrers work amazing at any „Signmaking Substrates“ - the challange is, to find the perfect one for you! Of course, you can see all Application-Tips in the following descriptions as a little support...!


The SignTrim Set „L“ stands for a set with Blades for our lefthanded customers.


  • 1 SignTrim CeraFlex
  • 1 SignTrim Mini
  • 1 SignTrim CeraSwitch
  • 1 SignTrim BIG
  • 3 SpareBlades (for the Mini, Big and CeraFlex)
  • transparent suitcase


Material: Ceramic , steel
Price: per set
Extras: Set box
Product Type: deburring tool
SignTrim Set

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