Product no.: YT06ES001


A customer asks for an offer of an neon- or promotional sign, shopwindow- or vehicle label. After asking for an proposal the work begins. Jumping in the car - 18 miles ride or longer - setting up the ladder, measuring and noting. After hours of driving around, measuring and whatever, the customer canceles the offer because he knows someone, who knows someone who lives somewhere, where he could get it done cheaper! Okay, we have to live with that, but time and gas are gone unrecoverably.
This is where we bring up "E-Scale".
Just send any kind of measuring strip, or our measuring strip, to your customer and ask for a digital photo with the strip attached to the surface which should be labeled, in an email. With that you can measure the complete project within seconds and you are able to calculate and offer the proposal.. If you shouldn't get the job it doesn't matter because all you've invested was a couple cents and a stop at the post office.
Measure at your computer--> no more wasted numbers, no more extra tours to the consruction side because measuring a little part was forgotten and you can't work without the measurement of that part, or whatever needs to be done. Save gas and time - and let us make your day easier!

This programm is in english/german and french.


Material: plastic
Price: per set
Extras: incl. measuring strips
Product Type: Measurement Software
Included: set

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