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The "MagMagic" is a magnetic measuring tape which you can easily put on your assignment and it stays there by itself and the removal is very easy, too without it leaving any imprints on your surfaces. It is 60cm (approximately 2 feet) long.

About "MagicStick":
A characteristic feature of our "MagicStick"-Technology is a mix of highclass legibility and a special surface texture. The new well-scaling of a ruler is mixed with a rewritable surface. You can calculate your graphic lines on your computer screen and transfer them right on our "MagicSticks" and then copy them to the sign or vehicle you are working on. -- Clean and Easy! MagicSticks Combo

Our "MagicSticks " are available as



  • MagicStick Plain 15cm (width ca. 13mm)
  • MagicStick Plain 30cm (width ca. 13mm)
  • MagicStick Plain 50cm (width ca. 18mm)
  • MagicStick Plain 100cm (width ca. 18mm)


  • MagicStick Mag15cm (width ca. 13mm)
  • MagicStick Mag 30cm (width ca. 13mm)
  • MagicStick Mag 50cm (width ca. 18mm)
  • MagicStick Mag 100cm (width ca. 18mm)


  • MagicStick Mark 15cm (width ca. 13mm)
  • MagicStick Mark 30cm (width ca. 13mm)
  • MagicStick Mark 50cm (width ca. 18mm)
  • MagicStick Mark 100cm (width ca. 18mm)


  • MagicStick MarkMag 15cm (width ca. 13mm)
  • MagicStick MarkMag 30cm (width ca. 13mm)
  • MagicStick MarkMag 50cm (width ca. 18mm)
  • MagicStick MarkMag 100cm (width ca. 18mm)

Length: , 100 cm , 30 cm , 15 cm
Material: steel
Price: per piece
Features: non-slip , magnetic , writable
Product Type: measuring tape
Included: 1 pcs

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