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We had an inhouse seminar with the exceptional Robin Boes and he made it clear to us what problems „at the beginning“ can appear. Robin gave us the perfect tip which was to guide your squeegee in a „30-degree angle“! But where in the world is this 30 degree line and how can I discipline myself, to fi nd this line? Robin marked an imaginary line on our squeegee to help us out! How simple was that? Instantly we noticed the results as we tried wrapping and wouldn‘t you know it... „Wrinkle-free“. So we developed this simple but ingenious 30WrapGuide. With its help (and the appropriate, water resistant special pen EasyDot Window Dry) you can quickly and simply create a „cheat sheet“ on your squeegee. This is how you can fold fi lms without wrinkles.Our : A real MUST in every starter kit (but also Professional‘s love such simplifi cations :)


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