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EasyCoro Cut LongReach | Knife for coroplast substrates

Unfortunately, cutting lengthwise can be easy to mess up, and the result is a nasty zig-zag
shaped cut :(

A regular blade gets trapped in the channels and starts “dancing” in it. A perfect solution is
the CoroCut-Blades.

They literally “drive” perfectly INTO those channels and provide a perfectly straight cut in
seconds, or you can even just score them in half to bend the sign to form to a column.

Either if you want to trim 3mm, 4mm or 10mm Coroplast substrates - there is always
a perfect knife for you available.

Due to the interchangable blades, you can change the cutting direction from push to pu

A match made in heaven is those blades
with our approved “LongReach” cutter.
Now you can cut or score even larger sheets without
“work-out acrobatics”.
And, of course you can change between “push” or “pull” cutting directions.

Available in following versions (see dropdown):

60 cm length
60 cm for 3mm material
60 cm for 4mm material
60 cm for 10mm material

90 cm length
90 cm for 3mm material
90 cm for 4mm material
90 cm for 10mm material

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EasyCoro Cut LongReach | Knife for coroplast substrates
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EasyCoro Cut LongReach | Knife for coroplast substrates
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