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PowerTape Banner Double | Discontinued model

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Double Sided Banner Tape – Banner Seaming can be so easy

The Yellotools banner hem tape "PowerTape Banner Double" is the ingenious replacement for the elaborate stitching in Sign Making. Banner seaming is child's play with this double-sided banner tape. The result is almost like welding of the banner seam.

Banner Hem Tape for professional Sign Making

This double-sided banner tape for Sign Making has been specially developed for the permanent bonding of PVC print media and banners. The white banner hem tape is easy to apply, quick-drying, moisture-resistant, solvent and weather resistant. The initial adhesive force is still low, so you can make corrections. Later, the adhesive force is extremely high, thus your work will be durable for sure.

It's really as awesome as it sounds! :)

The Sign Making banner hem tape is 25m long and 19mm wide. We are happy to offer you other dimensions on request. And if you need a workplace for the banner seaming, you should take a look at our YelloBench. Of course we also have a suitable tool trolley for the Car Wrapping for you, if you like, even fully equipped.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Banner hem tape PowerTape Banner Double for banner seaming in sign making from Yellotools

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PowerTape Banner Double | Discontinued model
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