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PowerTape Monster Grip | Discontinued model

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The Car Wrapping Power Tape - Stronger than traditional Velcro

This "Velcro" for Car Wrapping and Sign Making is really awesome! The woven plastic mushroom heads are used up on a strong carrier material. This results in a combination that can always be stuck in itself, just like a traditional hook-and-loop tape does.

However, this fastening tape can be plugged as often as you like. Moreover it doesn’t matter whether you use it longitudinal or transvers. It can withstand incredible forces, which predestines it for Car Wrapping and Sign Making technology.

Of course, you will also find the right cutting tool in our CarWrapping Online Shop.

Sure, at Yellotools you only get the best Car Wrapping accessories! :)

Extremely strong fastening tape for Sign Making from Yellotools - Better than hook-and-loop tape

Unlike the traditional "Velcro", the surfaces of our PowerTape Monster Grip can be placed and then be positioned. Afterwards you can put the two surfaces together with a short pressure. The solvent-resistant polyamide tape has extremely strong glue and thus holds up to 5 times more than a conventional hook-and-loop tape.

As mentioned: The fastening tape consists in fact only of one surface and not of "male & female".

That makes it ideal for the Sign Making technology construction site or the Car Wrapping workshop! :)

This fastening tape should be included in every CarWrapping tool trolley. It is 2m long and 25mm wide, other dimensions on request.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping!

Extremely strong fastening tape PowerTape Monster Grip by Yellotools for car wrapping and sign making

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PowerTape Monster Grip | Discontinued model

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