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CuttingMat XXL"Crystal" 1,5m x 1,40m | sales

The cuttingmat has light scratches. Only 1 piece available!!!
but no impairment in the function.

CuttingMat "Crystal" is made from a special multi-layered material that is manufactured in Germany according to our exacting requirements. The mat is progressively softer on the outside to allow for precise blade-tip depth, which provides unparalleled cutting control and quality. This is ideal for sign-making applications, which require the highest levels of cutting comfort and long lasting durability under intense daily use.

The unique, self-healing material prevents the development of annoying chunks and small particles which are typical of ordinary cutting mats. Plus the see-through material also provides for superb visibility of printed grids placed beneath the mat (see our Design Pads or request a free Design Pads print file with your CuttingMat order.) Visibility is further enhanced by the non-reflecting quality, which also greatly reduces eye-strain when working for longer periods.

And for working on light tables, CuttingMat "Crystal" is the only cutting mat you'll want to use. Best of all, CuttingMat "Crystal" is a seam-free material in lengths up to 20 meters long! Custom sizes available, too!
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  • Unseamed sizes up to 20 meters long
  • Self-healing for durability and no-steer cutting
  • Unmatched lay-flat quality -- zero curled edges
  • To your desired cut (tolerance + / - 1.5%)
  • See-through design is perfect for light-table


CuttingMat XXL

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CuttingMat XXL

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