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YelloWings SlimSkin Poly 5er | 4"/5"/6"

Doctor blade coatings or edge protectors are simply indispensable for many applications. Whether as scratch protection for the film surface or as sliding reinforcement, various fabric variants are used. For more than 10 years we have been producing and selling the ingenious wing form of film professional ROBIN BOES, which guarantees a perfect surround of the squeegee corners. Due to many customer requests we have reconsidered our product range and would like to offer you a simple overview for better orientation.

Here you can find the SlimSkin series, you can get the BigBuffer here.

In addition to the proven, thin coating variants "SlimSkin", which offer direct contact with the film, a padded variant "BigBuffer" is now also available. This padded version is particularly suitable for wet bonding ON the film surface.

Otherwise, the use of "SlimSkin" OR "BigBuffer", as with so many applications, should be selected according to your personal preference.

In addition to the different shapes for 4, 5 or 6 inch squeegee sizes, we offer a special shape for our AllStar squeegee as well as for the popular CarWrap squeegee "Betty".

Some materials are now also available as stripes in 3 m length and 2.5 cm width.

You can choose from 5 different materials:

  • - Felt - felt cover for all coarse pored surfaces like e.g. FOREX
  • - Micro - Alcantara-like microfibre fabric, suitable for many smooth surfaces
  • - Microfine - finer surface structure for sensitive films
  • - Poly - DbS Tony Hancock, USA. The elastic polymer is extremely resilient and very durable.
  • - Teflon - This wing increases the gliding properties of your squeegee many times over.

For further questions we are to you gladly telephone under the number 02292/3974030 or by email under at the disposal!


Yellotools squeegee replacement covers YelloWings SlimSkin Poly, available in packs of 5.
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YelloWings SlimSkin Poly 5er | 4

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