Product no.: YT11ASANTI01

AllStar Antistatic | Squeegee

This „Allrounder“ was asked many times by users which hate the small standard-squeegees. They complained, that they couldn´t hold the tool
deep in their hand-palm. This caused many cramps and joint pains while doing a bigger Sign-job. The extra-wide wing of the AllStar makes sure that you can do this with him. This gives you more torque and more comfort while working.
Special and new is also the so-called „30°-Edge“ of the Squeegee.

With this special Radius, you can realise a wrinkle-free application, even if there is a lot „material“ to push. You can also „roll“ Vinyl into Grooves and edges with this gadget. That makes the AllStar also great for CarWrap-Applications as well. Because we mold the AllStar with our own machines, it is available in many shores. You will love it!


YelloWrap AntiStatic

It is simply amazing to have own injection-molding machines. So you can create the most extra-ordinary products. E.g. we use brand-new engineered Antistatic-resins from the Clean-Room-Technology for the sign-industry. The world first Antistatic Squeegee was born!!!

AllStar Antistatic | Squeegee

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AllStar Antistatic | Squeegee

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