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AllStar Peekaboo

AllStar Peekaboo - The grey glass Squeegee for Signmakers

This "all-round talent" was demanded by many customers, for whom a "normal" signmaker squeegee was simply not deep enough in the palm of their hand and thus applying the vinyls often resulted in cramps and joint pain. The extra wide flank of the "Yellotools AllStar" grey glass Squeegee prevents this and enables fatigue-free working, since the rear edge can really be put in the hand and the pressure no longer has to come directly from the fingertips. The so-called "30° flank" of the signmaker squeegee is new and very special.

With this radius you can achieve wrinkle-free car wrapping even with high material feeds. Edges can be perfectly worked in with this grey glass Squeegee by “unrolling” the edge. This signmaker squeegee is not only popular with full-surface wrapping, but is also perfectly suitable for many other car wrapping applications. Of course, the AllStar plastic squeegee is equipped with the center finder and is available in all Yellotools hardnesses, because its manufactured in our own signmaking manufactory. Everyone should have this signmaker squeegee in the tool bag.


  • Hard (89 Shore D)
  • Made of smoked glass

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Grey Glass Squeegee AllStar Peekaboo by Yellotools

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AllStar Peekaboo

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