Product no.: YT15MMA05

MagicMaster Antistatic

Okay...we didn‘t think there was THAT big of a gap between a 4” (100mm) squeegee and a 6” (150mm) squeegee.
Yet, we got a lot of requests for an “inbetween” size, like a 5” (128mm).
We´ve invested in that mold for you and we are happy to announce that the 5” MagicMaster can nowbe produced in all of our different shores (stiffness) and materials. Of course, like all our squeegees, they are made in Germany, from food-grade plastics.

temper: 70° Shore

It is simply amazing to have own injection-molding machines. So you can create the most extra-ordinary products. E.g. we use brand-new engineered Antistatic-resins from the Clean-Room-Technology for the sign-industry. The world first Antistatic Squeegee was born!!!

MagicMaster Antistatic

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