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MagicMaster Clean (Antibakteriell)

Okay...we didn‘t think there was THAT big of a gap between a 4” (100mm) squeegee and a 6” (150mm) squeegee.
Yet, we got a lot of requests for an “inbetween” size, like a 5” (128mm).
We´ve invested in that mold for you and we are happy to announce that the 5” MagicMaster can nowbe produced in all of our different shores (stiffness) and materials. Of course, like all our squeegees, they are made in Germany, from food-grade plastics.

temper: 72° Shore


Ok - THAT is crazy: Scientist found a way to produce anti-bacterial plastic!!!

They used the wood of a certain pine-tree, which even survives a woodfire to create a plastic compound around it. All germs on this kind of plastic gets killed within 8 hours.

THAT, we had to bring into a squeegee. The world first and only anti-bacterial Squeegee. Use it next time you apply for a job in a clean-room atmosphere or think about it, next time you put a squeegee in your mouth while working...!

MagicMaster Clean (Antibakteriell)

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