Product no.: YT10PWP04

ProWrap Peekaboo

The squeegee made of smoked glass for advertising technology

OK - it is super-rigid and glides like a bobsled - but first of all: That thing is just super-cool looking! Who said, that Signmakers could not be Trendsetters? The smoked glas - Squeegee is awesome. Surprise your curious customers with something „blinky“!

  • Cool Design
  • Extreme sliding properties
  • Rather hard (89 Shore D)

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Material: plastic
Color: clear
Price: per piece
Product Type: squeegee
Included: 1 pcs
Shore hardness: 89
Squeegee surface/size: 9,5 cm , 6,5 cm
Smoked-Glas Squeegee ProWrap Peekaboo by Yellotools

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ProWrap Peekaboo

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