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YelloBig 12"

Large Squeegee for Professional Signmakers

Our 12" squeegee "YelloBig" was specially developed by our team for use in large-scale applications. During the development, we made sure that the large squeegee has an adequate rigidity and is above of all durable!

Usual Yellotools quality! :)

12” Squeegee for Large-Scale Applications

The large squeegee in conjunction with our squeegee handle "YelloGrip" is an indispensable aid for all signmakers who work with large prints every day. Thanks to the approx. 30 cm long 12“ squeegee, you can now complete your projects faster, with no loss of quality!

Great deal, isn't it?! :)

The big squeegee is available in our signmaking online shop in two versions:

  • Yello Big 12“ (squeegee only)
  • YelloBig 12“ black (squeegee with felt strip)

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Large Squeegee YelloBig 12" by Yellotools

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YelloBig 12
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