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YelloMaxx Clean (Antibacterial)

The Antibacterial 6“ Squeegee for Signmaking - YelloMaxx Clean by Yellotools

The signs and prints are getting bigger and the time pressure increases constantly. Thus it’s time that the squeegee also "grows" adequately. The antibacterial 6" squeegee “YelloMaxx Clean” lies comfortably in the hand and distributes the pressure evenly on its outer flanks thanks to its torsion-resistant construction. And if you still have to do some fine work, our WrapStick Set is just the right thing!

  • Antibacterial 6" Squeegee
  • Hardness: 72 Shore D
  • Medium soft
  • Made from an antibacterial material mixture

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Antibacterial 6" Squeegee YelloMaxx Clean by Yellotools

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YelloMaxx Clean (Antibacterial)

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