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YelloMini Teflon

The Small Squeegee YelloMini Teflon for Precision Work in Signmaking

In signmaking and car wrapping, it often happens that hard-to-reach places or fine work are a hard nut to crack. This is also the point at which you always wish for a mini squeegee.

We had to change that issue! :)

The Mini Squeegee by Yellotools in different degrees of hardness

The small squeegee "YelloMini" solves exactly this problem. The mini squeegee is particularly suitable for all fine work on cars, trucks and motorcycles. So you have the perfect signmaker tool for all fine work and hard to reach places always in your tool cart.

  • YelloMini Teflon
  • Hardness: 93 Shore D
  • Very hard
  • Mini squeegee made of pure Teflon

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

Mini Squeegee YelloMini Teflon by Yellotools

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YelloMini Teflon

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