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Squeegee Set ProWrap

Squeegee Set ProWrap

You designed it, we built it!
The new squeegee designed by sign-makers for sign-makers!

An answer to a question that we heard a thousand times from you:
What kind of squeegee is the best, what vinyl at what part of a car or sign is the best? We tried to find an answer but we got 20 different answers from 20 different pros. We came to the conclusion that there is no answer! Your personal hand skills and your individual way to work matters the most!

If you are focused on car-wrapping or car-lettering this is the right kit for you. It comes with all our Squeegees from the ProWrap  line. The different colors signify different hardnesses -Plus, you get the nice hard-shell box for free!

The ProWrap Set Includes: (one piece each)

  • ProWrap Gold
    Teflon refined for higher perfomance with a special smooth-sliding quality. Medium soft (72 Shore)
  • ProWrap Orange
    Teflon refined car-wrapping squeegee (82 Shore)
  • ProWrap Blu
    Soft car-wrapping squeegee (62 Shore)
  • ProWrap Green
    Extremly soft squeegee for tinted vinyl (40 Shore)
  • ProWrap Black
    Hard car-wrapping squeegee for tinted vinyl (88 Shore)
  • ProWrap Teflon
    Pure teflon car-wrapping squeegee (93 Shore)
  • YelloMini Orange
    Teflon refined mini squeegee (82 Shore)
  • YelloMini Gold
    Teflon refined mini squeegee (72 Shore)

Test it and find your individual one!

Squeegee Sample Set ProWrap Set by Yellotools

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Squeegee Set ProWrap
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