Product no.: YT21TMFF01

TimberMaxx Floor Flexi | Adapter for wood squeegee for floor foiling

Ground squeegee adapter for TimberMaxx and TimberMaxx Lip

ATTENTION: Please make sure that you use the TimberMaxx version with the handle in the middle!!!

Good news for ALL owners of one of our standard TIMBERMAXX wood squeegees. From now on we offer an upgrade accessory with which you can convert your TimberMaxx in any length and any version also as a floor squeegee. Until now, this floor version was a stand-alone product.

By popular demand, we have now developed a holding bar mechanism that can accommodate the standard version of the TIMBERMAXX wood squeegee with felt edge. The TimberMaxx is available in different sizes, these fit into the 156cm long bar system and can be adapted without tools with a TIMBERMAXX of your choice to a total of 162cm. So it is now also possible to stock different widths of squeegees and depending on the application as either wall or floor squeegee to use.

Simply ingenious :-)

The weight of the rod system is 1.5kg without TIMBERMAXX squeegee.

Suitable for:

If you would like to use the TimberMaxx Lip wood squeegee as a floor squeegee, please contact our sales team by phone (+49 2292/3974030) or email.

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Material: Aluminium , Wood
Price: per piece
Product Type: Squegee Holder
Included: 1 pcs
Holding system for large wooden squeegee for floor graphics | Yellotools

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