Product no.: YT15TMF

TimberMaxx Floor

Cameron Sutherland from AVS Australia, does not want to see you suffer!

The large floor graphics have long grown to real "Money Makers"!
But the application with conventional tools is often very tiring to painful for your knees, back, etc.
Cam asked us to modify our popular XXL squeegee TIMBERMAXX with a stable aluminum extension rod.
These are now available in widths of 76 cm and 100 cm. Since we are also the direct manufacturer of this product, any width is realized at short notice.


Material: Aluminium , Wood , felt white
Price: per piece
Features: good sliding property
Extras: Incl. FeltPad
Product Type: Wooden squeegee
Included: 1 pcs
TimberMaxx Floor
Product Design:

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TimberMaxx Floor

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