Product no.: YT16SRBW001

SpeedTimber Rack

Once again we were able to prove that an intelligent use of high-quality wood can rival complex welding of steel We now offer our SpeedRack in a wood version - SpeedTimberRack.The advantage is in price and lower cost for shipping!

We have also up raded it to fit up to 42 rolls on our new beautiful frame. The high quality roles are accurate like verything else you‘d expect
 „Made in Germany“ and guaranteed high working comfort and maximum stability

Dimensions: 105cm x 60cm x 190cm (L x W x H)

Space for 42 rolls// 20 rolls up to 60cm/23,62" and 22 rolls up to 120cm/47,24". (15 kg)
Maximum load capacity of 250 kg

Please call about shipping, due to oversize!
SpeedTimber Rack

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SpeedTimber Rack

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