VERTIGO-SYSTEM RACKS: The MODULAR Concept for Roll-Media Storage

From 20cm Duct-Tape, 50cm Flock, 60cm Plotting Vinyl, 1m Inkjet-Paper, 1.52m Laminate up to the 5-Meter Banner - probaply the most modular and flexible Vinylstorage-System in the world!

The Task was termed pretty quick: Invent the biggest, most innovative and most flexible Roll-Media Storage-System for Signmakers and Digital Printers at all! After 3 years of Inventing and Testing we experienced the result and we can proudly claim: Mission accomplished!

Whatever you want to store - how heavy, how long, how thick, how distanced from each other: The VERTIGO is ready for all of your tasks! It may looks a bit tricky, but it´s not! The system simply containes the System-Bars and the adjustable Vinyl-Brackets. That´s it. These Brackets vary in their purpose - depending how you want to store. On the next page, you will get a closer Introduction to the different uses of the arms and their function.

Of course, you can mix all Brackets like you want. Whatever your Shopfloor requires - the modular concept full fills all your needs and it grows with you and your success. All you need right now are some Meters of the Special Bars, some Brackets and you are good to go! If you need help - call us at anytime and we will be happy to plan and design your individual Storage-System with you!!!


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