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Professional Sign Making Storage System for Vinyl Rolls from Yellotools

You want order with system in your Sign Making workshop? Then the VertiGo system from Yellotools should not be missing. This is a robust vinyl storage rack, which has no equal. Simply create your own rack system individually, tailored to your needs. Or opt for the mobile version, the VertiGo Mobile Steppless System.

The storage of foil rolls for sign makers could not be simpler! :)

Vinyl Storage Rack for Wall Mounting - Use Your Storage Space Efficiently

Whether in Sign Making technology or Car Wrapping, vinyl rolls are often not stored properly. You should change that to protect your slides and work faster. With the right storage system for vinyl rolls you have the right roll always within reach. A vinyl storage rack for wall mounting is a great solution.

With such vinyl roll holder the possibilities are versatile, because you can easily combine all wall racks, such as the TwisterStripe Wall, the Vertigo FlipRack and the Twister Wallmount. Or you decide directly for a jumbo solution, like the CosyRack EasyReach.

Of course we also provide everything for a perfect organization in our Sign Making Shop for you. With the labeling options and easy monitoring of your holdings, you always have the full overview.

So you are always well organized in your workshop! :)

High quality vinyl roll holder for table and floor – The right Sign Making Rack from Yellotools

With a high quality vinyl roll holder from Yellotools you get exactly the right Sign Making Rack for your foils. The rollable TwisterBloc allows you to store up to 48 vinyl rolls in a space-saving manner. But even if you only want to store a single roll, you can easily do that with our Twister Single.

And for undercounter mounting, we recommend the TwisterTable. Even your own "vinyl roll train" becomes reality. Thanks to the patented wooden connector, the TwisterClick can be lined up in no time at all.

Simply an ingenious solution for your vinyl storage, right? :)

By the way, Yellotools provides you high-quality Sign Making Tools for applying, labeling or removal. Just take a look around and discover our ingenious solutions for signmakers and CarWrapper.

Yellotools - Innovation for Sign Making and Car Wrapping

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