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The Lean Deal German / English | Lean Book

...whtat is in it for you?

The world certainly doesn't need yet another "LEAN explanation book" with cumbersome terms, dry-as-dust theory and crude recipes for success.

Most books on the subject are purely about optimizing profits, increasing efficiency and asserting companies in the relevant markets. But my motivation for this book is rather what is NOT addressed in these clever works ... namely the HUMAN BEHIND or BEFORE these formulas, graphics and clever process insights.

What does LEAN do to us, how do we as individuals benefit from it, why should we change anything at all and how much energy do we have to put into it?

My goal is that after reading the pages, you'll put the book aside with a smile and think, "Really? Is this really THAT easy? Ok, I can do THAT too."

And what I really wish is that my words seem so important to you that you put the book in each other's hands. From the boardroom to the shop floor and OVER, from friend to friend, within your family, colleague to colleague, and business partner to business partner. I am 100% convinced that the insights of the LEAN lifestyle can not only improve everyone's life across barriers, across countries, across parties and completely free of animosity, but that LEAN is THE small revolution that we humans so urgently need in these bizarre times in order to be able to concentrate on the essentials again.

Who is the book for? This book is for you, you hard workers, busy managers, frustrated executives, disappointed warehouse workers, skilled workers, foremen, forklift drivers, engineers, enervated job seekers, large corporations with 100,000 employees or "one-man/woman show", you single mothers or fathers and financially exhausted lone fighters, young job seekers or start-ups - in short: for EVERY one of you "seekers" :)

You work in a company that you think could use a change or you run a company that is not running as it could? This book is for you!


Author: Michael Althoff
Publisher: Yellotools GmbH, Wilberhofener Straߟe 1-3. 51570 Windeck, Germany, Phone +49 2292 397 400
Editing and Translating: Brad Cairns, Sina Becker, Michael Althoff
Typesetting and Layout: Olga Leis, Gregor Deisen
Cover: Alexx Marrone
Photography: Michael Roth
Graphic / Illustration: Alex Marrone
Printed by: WIRmachenDRUCK Gmbh, Mühlbachstraߟe 7, 71522 Backnang, Germany

Michael Althoff - Book about lean thinking for everyone

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The Lean Deal German / English | Lean Book
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