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YelloCase complete

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YelloCase, the ultimate tool portfolio for Signmakers.

The key to the solution was in the details: Take every small tool we use, and then make a secure and convenient case to store them in. And just as well important is to make the case compact, durable and lightweight ... plus cool- looking just for good measure. We think you‘ll agree, YelloCase is all that. Get one to store your tools or buy it loaded with tools! (just below).

Great features:

  • Heavy-duty nylon fabric
  • Different sections for the tools
  • Pocket for your business cards
  • Transparent pocket for blueprints
  • Completely closable because of velcron
  • Carrying loop
  • L: 28cm x B: 19cm x H: 6cm / L: 11 inches x B: 7.5 inches x H: 2.5 inches



The Case includes:

1.WrapSlipCut Mini
2. SignTweezer XS
3. JanusSwifel Knife
4. YelloCut HD Pro
5. SignTrim Mini
6. YelloDouble Pen
7. Anspitzer
8. SpareBlade18mm
9. RubberLift
10. SpareBlade SignTrim Mini
11. SpareBlade Weeder 30°
12. TitanBlades 9mm 59°
13. TitanBlades 9mm 30°
14. SpareBlade Weeder 59°


15. SpareBlade JanusSwivel
16. YelloCut PSL
17. MagicStick Plain 15
18. Pencil
19. BladeBreaker Pro
20. MiniSignScale
21. YelloBlade (5 pcs.)
22. YelloBlade Gripp
23. YelloFlex 4"
24. YelloWing Micro(1 pcs.)
25. MicroFine Pad 6" (1 pcs.)
26. YelloMaxx Orange
27. ProWrap Gold
28. ProWrap Mini Fun


YelloCase complete

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YelloCase complete

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