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YelloGear Belt

Wrapping professional Robin Boes recommends the use of the YelloGear family on the so called "YelloGear Sash" - the ammo-belt-like sash. He likes to wear his tools on his upper body - which of course is very useful.

For all those who still want to change from time to time to "old-school", can take all the benefits of the YelloGear modules on the hip or waistline - there are still infinitely adjustable options with our special belt “YelloGear Belt”. It is simply placed around the hips without straps and hooked thus remaining flexible with the ability to rotate at any angle. You can easily turn all flanged modules with a quick movement in front of you or if necessary let’s say to climb a ladder or perhaps bending, with a quick movement you can park it on your back.

The top-side fly-on application allows you to pad and secure all YelloGear modules either with YelloGear Base or even "just like that". It's just fun to upgrade and work with this system. The belt is 120 cm long and 7.5 cm wide. This also allows the YelloGear Belt to be worn over a jacket.

Tool Belt YelloGear by Yellotools

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