Continuous improvement processes at Yellotools

Our production of wood, metal and plastic products is based on the Japanese concept KAIZEN (also called TPS - Toyota Production System). Our main principle is: "Use your brain - not your wallet". The KAIZEN philosophy is a central component of our success - Yellotools employs more than 35 people in Germany and the USA.

"Improve your life by at least two seconds every day!"

This is one of the guiding principles in KAIZEN, the Japanese version of LEAN: LEAN Thinking is not a religion or a seminar that you can attend. LEAN Thinking describes a way of thinking that can improve your professional and personal life many times over. This thinking is applied into everything we do. It is the only way to withstand the ever-increasing pressure of competition and keep the company fit for the future.

This culture or way of thinking is reflected not only in production, but also in the basic ideas of our products. We passionately want our customers to be able to work better, faster and healthier. This is the only way we can continue to grow and develop and distribute our products in the future. We have your MUDAs (jap. for "wastes") in mind, and directly try to solve problems exactly where they are. In doing so, we pay close attention to usability - the added value of our ideas. Where it is necessary to save senselessly wasted time, there is the right leverage point for Yellotools products.

You have to experience this by yourself!

But KAIZEN or LEAN is much more than that - come and visit our production facility in Windeck and experience one of the most motivated, friendly and effective teams in the world, where each individual is considered important and taken seriously in the evolution of the whole. We invite you to share our success and strengthen your economic development and simply make your everyday life better.

Every morning from 08:30 to 09:00 the whole team meets in the Morning Meeting to analyze errors, optimize workflows, define systems and tasks and generally improve Yellotools. We therefore ask for your understanding that we are not available by phone during this time :-)