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Tools for signmaking - unique and functional

"Special tools for signmakers", that is the rough description of our field of activity. We would like to explain what this means in more detail below.

Signmakers, vehicle wrappers, digital printers as well as display and signage specialists are our customers: All the creative and skilled people who make our work possible. People who produce advertising signs and banners, label company vehicles or completely vinyl wrap fast cars, manufacture illuminated signs, process self-adhesive films, create large-format digital prints, and so on. For all these jobs we develop, produce and sell tools that make it possible to work faster, easier and, as a result, more cost-effective.

Art and craft, tradition and progress

The sign making craft is both traditional and highly technologised. The beginnings of this guild can be found in the Middle Ages: shield makers and coat of arms painters made and designed the shields of knights and the banners and flags of counts, princes and kings. In the course of time, digital technology took hold, and nowadays sign makers are equipped with the most modern machines and computers that do this work more precisely and faster than ever.

This is exactly where we come in: due to the rapid pace of development around machines, media and application methods, problem-oriented tool solutions are needed at the same pace. This is our speciality: together with our customers, we develop solutions for problems that simply did not exist before.

The sensitive on-board electronics of modern vehicles, for example, require an antistatic process in order to apply films or advertising media. We therefore offer plastic squeegees with antistatic properties. Furthermore, topics such as nano-sealing, increased UV radiation on outdoor advertising, accident prevention regulations, environmental requirements and many more demand a maximum of flexibility from us and our customers.

Yellotools is the world's largest supplier of specialty products that represent solutions to these very specific problems: With our cutting and application tools, assembly and labeling aids, cleaning and application fluids, tool walls and storage systems, we provide a comprehensive portfolio for professional users.

Beyond their actual function, Yellotools products offer significant added value in terms of time savings and user-friendliness, with which we simultaneously introduce our customers to the benefits of LEAN Thinking.

Well connected and future-oriented

Of course, we are a member of the ZVW (Central Association of German Advertising Technology), the BVMW (Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses), the ISA (International Sign Association), the USSC (United States Sign Council) and the Printing United Alliance.

Yellotools is registered as a training company in the register of trades; we are qualified to train carpenters, industrial and office clerks, media designers and warehouse logistics specialists.