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Tools and accessories for perfect furniture wraps

Furniture wrapping is a very profitable business for signmakers, car wrappers and all those who professionally process and apply vinyl films.

With Yellotools products, you can achieve perfect results within a short time, e.g. using the innovative APE CornerTool

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Furniture wrapping as an alternative to refurbishing: Discover new opportunities!

Demand in the segment of furniture wrapping is increasing significantly. More and more customers are commissioning a professional to rework their furnishings. Wrapping furniture is comparatively inexpensive and can be done quickly. This business sector is a good opportunity for signmakers and decorators to expand their range of services and learn new application methods. 

The right stuff for interior restyling using vinyl films

Yellotools provides you with the best equipment for wrapping interiors of all kinds. Our application tools and aids make your work become easier and enable you to perform professional furniture wraps from drawers to kitchen units ;-)

For initial cutting of the film, we recommend the tried and tested BodyGuardKnife Teflon, which can also be used to cut the film and liner separately.

The WrapDragon SlipCut, the YelloSlipCut distance cutter and the special YelloGuide Flexi cutter allow you to cut at a constant distance from the edge of the furniture piece.

The APE CornerTool and EdgeWrap Cutter Mastermind cutting templates are specially designed for flawless corner applications on drawers and door edges.

With the rotatable wrapping aid 360 Racer, you can significantly reduce processing times for smaller pieces of furniture and drawers. Large surfaces such as tabletops or doors are finished faster and easier by using an application roller such as the YelloRoller Flexi together with the WrapBar-ezee film tensioner.

And our GloveMaxx ProWrap wrapping gloves provide the necessary fingertip feeling when applying self-adhesive films onto curves and arches ;-)

Furniture wrapping has never been more lucrative

Discover new business opportunities by efficiently applying furniture films using Yellotools products! We will be happy to accompany you on your way to success!

Yellotools - Innovation for signmaking and car wrapping

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