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High-quality tools for removing graphics, prints and films

Signmakers are familiar with this issue: Removing old stickers often consumes a lot of time and nerves. No matter if you use your fingernail, a knife blade or a spatula, you are still left with adhesive and film residues that are difficult to remove. The same goes for peeling off old car wrapping vinyls. 

Here at Yellotools, you will find the right tools to process small and large areas without leaving any residue.

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Vinyl removal squeegee with sharpened edge

With the YelloBlade film removal squeegee, we offer you the optimal tool solution for delamination jobs. Its sharp edge removes even tough stickers, films and adhesive residues quickly and easily. The high-quality special plastic protects painted surfaces and windows from scratches. YelloBlade can also be attached to the YelloBlade Handle and the YelloBlade Egg as a squeegee blade to ensure optimum ergonomics for longer de-marking jobs.

The circular shaped YelloBlade 360 with matching handle is particularly good for use in hard-to-reach places and to push it under film edges.

Give yourself more leverage to remove adhesive films

The RapidRemover is ideal for removing large areas of adhesive film, such as on booth walls or doors. The lever mechanism removes old film in one piece and rolls it up at the same time - so there are not dozens of scraps left behind that have to be picked up by hand ;-)

Emblem remover for perfect car wrapping

With the PlateLine Remover Black we offer a removal aid for car wraps, with which nameplates and vehicle logos can be detached without damaging the paint: The sturdy nylon cord is simply guided along behind the emblem with two ergonomically shaped grips - and letters and numbers fall off the bodywork, and the wrapping work can begin!

Don't make your life as a signmaker unnecessarily difficult and order your graphics and prints removal tools directly online: Yellotools products save you time, money and nerves, because "Signmaking is the best job in the world"!

Yellotools - Innovation for sign making and car wrapping

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