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Bargain items with cosmetic flaws - only while stocks last!

Even at Yellotools things don't always run perfectly: Although we work much more efficient than other companies because of our LEAN management system, we are not immune to production errors and material offcuts. That's why we offer you here discounted items with mostly optical flaws - products that can be used without any functional limitations and are simply too good to put away ;-)

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Yellotools Yel-Lo Plek Blade Gold (Abb. ähnlich)
Yel-Lo Plek Blade gold | vinyl squeegee for detail wrapping | bargain item
Triangular squeegee for vinyl applications behind rubber seals and in bodywork gaps.
Yellotools | ApeDuo Red | Squeegee wet application | sale
ApeDuo Red | Squeegee for wet applications | sale
Squeegee for wet applications. Has small blemishes.
Yellotools ApeDuo Green | Wet application squeegee
ApeDuo Red | Squeegee wet application | sale
Squeegee for wet applications. Has small blemishes.
Yellotools WetMaxx T 160 | Wet application squeegee | Shore 90 | bargain
WetMaxx squeegee blade T 160 | Flat glass application | Bargain
Bargain - Squeegee blade for Yellotools WetMaxx
Yellotools | measuring tape | sale
MagTape Ruler 25 cm | Sale
Self-adhesive tape measure for use with magnets. Bargain with optical flaws.
Yellotools PowerCleaner Pad 6" Cleaning Sheets for Dust Roller
PowerCleaner Pad 6" | Cleaning Sheets | Bargain item
Cleaning sheets for the PowerCleaner 6" dust roller at a bargain price
Yellotools TimStick | Anhebehilfe für Folienrollen
The TimStick | Lifting aid for vinyl film rolls | bargain
Lift and handle film rolls easily with the TimStick!
Yellotools YelloStripe BigBuffer MicroFine Camo | Bargain
YelloStripe BigBuffer MicroFine Camo | squeegee cover | 3 m length | bargain
Bargain - Self-adhesive camouflage microfiber strips for Yellotools plastic squeegees.
Yellotools Bargain cutting mat XXL in 1,00 m width and 1,00 length
CuttingMat XXL Crystal 1,00 m x 1,,00 m | Bargain offer
Bargain cutting mat xxl in size 1,00 m x 1,,00 m
Yellotools 2K-Cut | Edelstahl Schneidewinkel für Werbetechniker
2K-Cut | stainless steel drawing angle | bargain
Bargain - Cutting angle & square angle in one tool for signmakers.
Yellotools WetMaxx Handle Plain | Handle for wet bonding squeegee lip
WetMaxxHandle Plain | Squeegee holder for flat glass applications | Bargain
Squeegee holder for window film applications. Discounted single item.
Yellotools WrapStep 2 | Car Wrapping Step Ladder | Special Ladder
WrapStep 2 | Car Wrapping step ladder | Discounted Item
Wooden step ladder for car wrappers and vehicle detailers. Discounted item due to defect in condition.
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