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Car wrapping tools and equipment

Yellotools car wrapping products are being used by professional vinyl installers all over the world. Our unique application tools, special  cutters and functional furniture are designed to make your job as easy as possible. If you want to wrap bumpers, install paint protection film or apply car wrap vinyls perfectly, Yellotools has the right stuff for you!

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Dedicated car wrapping products for perfect wrap jobs

Yellotools manufactures specialty application tools for high-end vinyl wraps on cars, vans, buses and trucks. If you have to remove nameplates and emblems or apply vinyls under rubber seals, install large pieces of vinyl film on the side of the vehicle or pop air bubbles: With our products for professional car wrapping, difficult application jobs become much easier, you save a lot of processing time and always deliver perfect results!

Vinyl wrap car mirrors, GPS antennas and bumpers with Yellotools Wrap-U-ezee

Applying vinyl film to a wing mirror is a challenge for every car wrapping professional: These add-on parts have such complex shapes that wrapping them in one go requires a lot of experience and patience. Or you can use the ingenious Wrap-U-ezee, the car mirror wrap tool developed by Yellotools. Simply stick a piece of vinyl onto the ring, temper it with a heat gun and pull it over the part. The film is not overstretched in the process and adheres evenly - perfect durability without any flashes underneath the material!

The Wrap-U-ezee Flat is the right tool for wrapping vehicle door handles and roof antennas. It was designed to apply vinyls on protruding add-on parts directly on the vehicle. The pre-tensioned film is placed on the part from above, squeegeed on and finally cut to size.

Vinyl wrapping large surfaces and add-on parts such as front and rear bumpers or fenders turns into a one-man job by using the Wrap-U-ezee Bumper. The extra-large wrapping aid quickly becomes an indispensable vinyl application tool. In addition to its easy handling, the significant time saving during application is a factor that convinces every professional car wrap specialist.

Even dismounted add-on parts such as door handles or GPS antennas can be wrapped ezee-ly: The Wrap-U-Ezee Slide-In turns the wrapping process upside down! The application aid gets locked into the TableMount, the film is then attached to it and the component dipped in. This way, the vinyl adheres completely and evenly to the part.

Install paint protection films with PPF application products

Transparent paint protection films (PPF) are a trendy subject in the car wrapping sector. Not only high-quality vehicles with special paintwork are kept from value depreciation by applying a stone chip protection film. It is mainly the company car fleets of medium-sized and large businesses that bring vehicle wrapping professionals lucrative orders for PPF installations ;-)

With the APE product range, Yellotools offers the perfect equipment for PPF applications. Dedicated PPF squeegees and squeegee pads for wet application with application fluid as well as a newly developed application foam are available separately or in various tool sets

Specialty vinyl cutters protect paints and rubber seals

Which car wrapper doesn't know this situation: The film is applied over a body gap and then has to be cut in the middle. In the process, it often happens that the film material tears in a zigzag pattern, or the knife blade cuts too deep and damages the paint. The roller-guided SasserCut Pro gap cutter prevents these effects: The blade is guided exactly in the center of the gap, and the immersion depth can be adjusted by swapping the roller bodies.

If pieces of vinyl are to be cut off after adhesion, it's time to use the WrapDefender: thanks to the protective nose in front of the blade tip, this vinyl cutter prevents paint damage. The extra-sharp scalpel blade is particularly easy to guide, thanks to the compact shape of the blade, and enables sweeping radius cuts from the wrist.

Use the force: Mounting magnets and magnetic pads for vinyl installations

If large vinyl segments have to be applied to vehicle panels, mounting magnets are a tried and tested aid for every vinyl applicator. Yellotools therefore offers a wide range of magnet solutions. The classic SpeedMag HD is also available in variants with a retaining ring, a metal pin or an extended handle, and the MagPatch cover pads protect the surface of scratch-sensitive films. The BlackMamba magnetic chain doubles as a flexible cutting ruler for contour cuts. APE MagCarpet features nine magnets to provide a large adhesive surface for hinge applications that conforms to the contours of the vehicle. 

Yellotools mounting magnets can also be used on aluminum, carbon or fiberglass vehicle bodies with the ingenious GeckoPatch adhesive pads. With their steel plate, these self-adhesive pads provide enough surface for mounting magnets to hold car wrap films and digital prints in place. And for all users who want even more adhesive power, we offer the extra-strong GeckoPatch Power!

Perfectly detailed vinyl wraps with Yellotools WrapSticks

With Yellotools WrapSticks, you can achieve perfect results even in tricky areas of the car's body. Each WrapStick has a different tool tip for applying vinyl in recesses, under rubber seals and behind body panels. WrapSticks are also equipped with a strong holding magnet, which allows them to be attached to the car body within easy reach. For those of you who can do without this feature, we offer the lower-priced WrapSticks Eco as an alternative ;-)

Professional car wrap accessories: Improve your wrap game!

With the WrapStraightCut Black, you can easily cut the desired overlap on vehicle window edges, and the DoorHandle Remover makes removing door handles quick and easy. The SensorCut Flexi cutting templates are used to create matching cut-outs for parking sensors. Bonnets, doors and tailgates remain securely open with the help of the YelloOpen retention system, so that the vinyl can be perfectly applied on parts below.

Pre- and post-heat car wrap vinyls for first-class results

The tempering of the film is an important step in the process of vinyl wrapping. Pre-heating the vinyl makes it fit perfectly to curves and recesses on parts such as bumpers and sill trims. A perfect finish is created during post-heating by slightly shrinking the film on the car's body or add-on part. This gives the finished result the appearance of being cast from a single mould  - then the vinyl wrap is no longer distinguishable from a regular paint job.

Whether the film is heated with a heat gun or gas torch is a matter of taste. For both options we offer the ideal products with the WrapGun II and the WrapJet HeatGun Set. For temperature measurement, the YelloShuttle and YelloTemper ProWrap are available - these devices make it much easier to hit the right temperature!

To cut out parking sensor shapes quickly and precisely, we designed the SensorCut Flexi. And you can effortlessly cut the desired overlap on vehicle windshield edges by using the WrapStraightCut Black.

Relaxed work with high-quality workshop furniture

Spending hours aligning, cutting and applying vinyl film to a car body requires a good level of fitness. To ensure that you can enjoy your work for a long time, Yellotools' product range includes workshop furniture that helps you to protect your muscles and joints.

For wrap jobs on tall vehicles like sprinters and SUVs, we offer WrapWalk, an expandable platform that gets you to the right height. If, on the other hand, sills or wheel arches are to be wrapped, the rollable LowRider workshop stool is the best choice. Its height can be adjusted with the optional LowRider Extensions. With the WrapTower, you can quickly put together your own individual tool trolley, so your car wrapping equipment is always ready to hand. The tedious alignment of graphics or digital prints on vehicle panels is not only easier with the LaserLion Set, but also more precise - try it out for yourself, you'll be amazed!

Discover our wide range of car wrap products and order them directly online from the manufacturer. Our passion for excellent application tools will help you with becoming even more successful!

Yellotools - Innovation for car wrapping and sign making professionals

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