Yellotools APE ApplePotion | Application fluid for paint protection films 1 liter bottle
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APE ApplePotion | PPF application fluid

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  • YT20AAP1L
  • 4255718612076
  • 1,10 kg

Application liquid for paint protection films

For optimal PPF installation, an application liquid that meets with the special properties of these films should be used. Yellotools APE ApplePotion allows the film to glide perfectly and to adhere by applying pressure. The film can be removed after a short time without any problems, making any corrections and changes easy.

Due to the basic properties of this potion, the adhesive of the protection film is not attacked and the film receives the desired glossy finish. The Low Cloud technology also prevents the adhesive from turning cloudy through the transparent film. The APE ApplePotion of course is fully bio-degradable, skin-friendly, clinically tested and pH-neutral.

Easy dosage, high effectiveness, low consumption

We recommend mixing the required amount of ApplePotion with distilled water before each new application. The application liquid is of course perfectly workable even after being stored for longer durations.

The practical dosing aid in the 1 litre bottle saves you the fiddling with measuring cups: Simply open the second lid in the dosing bottle and press the bottle in slightly until the small container (50 ml) has filled up. Add this dosage amount to 1 litre of distilled water, and ApplePotion is ready for the next application. The quantity of 50 ml is a general recommendation - just try out different mixing ratios and see what works best for you!

The 10 litre canister is the perfect choice for recurring applications: Compared to the purchase of ten 1-litre bottles, you save more than 16% ! 

With the dosing pump for the canister, the mixing ratio can be exactly determined - so it's best to order it right away ;-)

Three jobs, one product: cleaning - applying - post-cleaning

Car Wrapping expert Rainer Lorz also uses the ApplePotion for perfect pre-cleaning and post-cleaning due to its outstanding features. Using the dosing pump, you can mix the exact amount of APE ApplePotion or APE FoamPotion from the 10 liter canister. Each stroke delivers 10 ml of liquid. We recommend mixing 50 ml (5 strokes) with 1 liter of distilled water.

APE ApplePotion is optimally dispensed on the car body with the EasyPump spray bottle. We also recommend using APE Duo squeegees or one of the PPF Sandwiches for perfect PPF installations!

Product features

  • application liquid for paint protection film installation
  • 1 litre bottle with dosage aid
    10 litre canister for use with dosing pump (sold separately)
  • excellent yield: 1 litre of APE ApplePotion equals 20 litres of application liquid
  • completely bio-degradable
  • skin-friendly
  • clinically tested
  • pH-neutral

Alternatively, we offer the APE FoamPotion adhesive foam: The foam pattern underneath the film helps you to see where the squeegee has not been used yet. This makes it easier to apply PPF perfectly to all areas of the car body.

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