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Application tools for sign makers

With Yellotools application aids, the work time for production and installation of signage and lettering is significantly reduced.

From tweezers and vinyl weeding tools to pressure rollers for applying films to walls and glass surfaces, from transfer film dispensers to alignment aids for mounting signs and digital prints, professional signmakers discover innovative tools and accessories right here at the Yellotools webshop!

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Weeding, laminating and applying vinyls with Yellotools

Weeding plotted letters and graphics is part of every sign maker's basic skills. With weeding hooks and tweezers from Yellotools, even the smallest punches are grabbed and lifted up quickly and easily. When working with plain white vinyl films, EasyWeed Powder helps to clearly see the plotted outlines, and the EasyWeed Ring significantly speeds up the workflow.

For laminating applications and for processing transfer films, our AppFix products are the first choice for signmaking professionals These tape dispensers are available as a fixed version for use at the end of the work bench, the rotating AppFix Flexi for the center of the table, or as the all-in-one AppFix Roll 'N Cut with meter counter and cutting device.
The AppFix Racer is our version of a flatbed laminator, but without defect-prone mechanics and electronic controls. Its thought-out design and robust construction allow for a purely manual operation, which is just as fast and effective as with using expensive, high-tech devices ;-)

Precise alignment, perfect results: Sign making has never been easier

When producing high-quality signage and advertising media, digital printing films and plotter graphics should always be perfectly aligned. We developed the PrintJoggle and PlottJoggle alignment aids for this particular application to make work a little bit easier for professional sign makers. With these aids, consistent distances to the sign edge can be precisely measured and adjusted, which makes a huge dfference when producing multiple signs in a batch.

Yellotools - Innovation for sign makers

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