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Pressure rollers for signmaking applications

Applying window graphics, wall tattoos or decorative and sun protection films to window panes in a time-saving and top-quality manner is one of the daily challenges for sign making professionals. Yellotools application rollers were developed specifically for this task and are the perfect tools for large and small film installations!

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Two rollers in one: our dual roller for stress-free work results

With the YelloRoller Duo we have developed a pressure roller that keeps your muscles completely relaxed at work. Its high performance rollers with ball bearings provide optimum smooth-running properties and direct and flexible handling.

A signmaking tool in a class of its own: The XXL pressure roller!

If you have to work on big signs, you will certainly like YelloRoller Maxx series of pressure rollers with sizes up to 60 cm of length.

High-performance film application with Yellotools: The adjustable pressure roller

The YelloRoller Flexi series offers a special handle that can be adjusted in three different positions. This not only allows you different uses of the applicator roller, but also protects your tendons and muscles. Those who prefer a simpler version of the pressure roller should take a closer look at the YelloRoller Plain series.

No matter which version you choose - with pressure rollers by Yellotools, sign making tasks such as wall applications can be carried out much faster. Simply order your new pressure roller here directly from the manufacturer and enjoy the increased working comfort that only YelloRollers offer!

Yellotools - Innovation for sign makers and car wrappers

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