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Signmakers save time and money with Yellotools products

We've made it our mission to simplify workflows and minimize operating costs. With our TimberMaxx series and the Appfix Racer, we replace conventional flatbed laminators with cost-effective alternatives ;-)

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Make sign edges visible with Yellotools

You want to laminate a sign and the print is once again bigger than the sign? No problem with Yellotools application tools: Our PrintJoggle keeps the edges of the covered sign visible during processing, and the print aligns perfectly. If you're looking for a simple alignment aid for graphics, you'll find that the PlottJoggle just the right tool for the job.

Apply transfer films quickly and easily: Appfix saves you time and money

The Appfix roll dispenser quickly becomes an essential asset in the signmaking workshop. Digital prints and plotter motifs can be laminated to transfer films in a very short time. The Appfix is also available as a rotatable version Appfix Flexi and as Appfix Roll N Cut with integrated cutting device and length counter.

Experience the unique possibilities of Yellotools application aids for yourself: Order directly here from the manufacturer and optimize your workflow for completing more jobs in the same time - you will be as delighted as thousands of signmakers worldwide who already use our products ;-)

Yellotools - sign maker tools for professionals

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