About us

A powerful team with a distinct mission:
Keep our customers happy with their work!

Yellotools' special tools ease your everyday work, save you time and make you want to do more ;-)

Yellotools products simplify, speed up or "de-stress" the tiresome, time-consuming or nerve-wrecking tasks our customers face every day.

Our motto is We love what you hate: We take a close look at these unloved tasks, analyze the work processes and develop solutions in the shape of innovative tools and aids that make the work lives of professional signmakers and car wrappers easier!

A motivated team of employees develops, produces and distributes unique products that are used by applicators all over the world. From a wide range of squeegees to specialty knives and vinyl cutters to modular tool walls and customizable storage racks, we manufacture everything signmaking and car wrapping professionals need. Our customers often provide us with ideas for new tools and are involved in development under the DBS (Designed By Signmakers) seal. 

The production and warehouse processes at Yellotools are based on the LEAN principle, also known as Toyota Production System: Optimized work processes, the avoidance of waste and permanent improvements are central features that characterize our company's everyday operations and have made us become known beyond our product range.

More information about our company and the team behind the products is available on our homepage and blog site!


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