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Snap-off blade box and storage box for broken blade pieces BladeBreaker II by Yellotools
BladeBreaker II | small blade box | Discontinued item
Discontinued item - Never again injured fingers, thanks to the snap-off blade box with storage room for blade remnants by Yellotools.
Yellotools EasyOrbit | vinyl circle cutter
EasyOrbit | Circle cutter for adhesive films | Discontinued item
Discontinued item - Fast and precise cutting of circles from plotter films, possible diameters 10 - 150 mm.
Yellotools SwivelKnife drag knife for signmakers
SwivelKnife | Discontinued Product | cutter with rotating drag knife blade
With this drag knife for signmakers, perfect circles and curves can be achieved when cutting vinyl films. Available at!
Yellotools YelloCut XL | signmaker cutting knife | 25 mm blade | discontinued model
YelloCut XL | large cutter knife | discontinued model
XL signmaker cutter knife with 25 mm blade.
Yellotools PowerTape Indoor Foam Car Wrapping Tape
PowerTape Indoor Foam | Adhesive tape with foam carrier | Discontinued Model
Discontinued model - The double-sided Car Wrapping Tape with foam carrier and extreme adhesive power.
Yellotools Janus SwivelKnife | slim cutter knife with two different blades
Janus SwivelKnife | Discontinued Product
Cutting tool for signmakers with rotating drag knife and fixed scalpel blade. Discover special tools and accessories at!
Yellotools YelloCut PSM | multifunctional cutter knife
YelloCut PSM | multifunctional knife | discontinued item
Discontinued item - High quality cutter knife with precise cutting and practical features.
Yellotools PreStretch Meter | Tool for calculating possible vinyl film overstretch
PreStretch Meter | Calculate film overstretch | Discontinued model
Discontinued item - With the PreStretch Meter, you easily calculate how far automotive films can be overstretched.
Yellotools YelloCut PSL | multifunctional cutter knife
YelloCut PSL | multifunctional cutting knife | discontinued item
discontinued item - Professional cutter with non-slip handle for cutting work in signmaking.
Yellotools EasyScore | banner template for signmakers
EasyScore | Banner template for signmakers
Semicircle template for banner cuts against wind gusts. Special tools and accessories for signmakers are available online at!
Yellotools YelloDouble Pen | applicator tool with double needle
YelloDouble Pen | double needle pen | discontinued item
Discontinued item - Foil applicator for car wrapping with double needle. 2in1 for every car wrapper.
YelloCut HD | Cutter knife | Utility knife
YelloCut HD | Cutter knife | discontinued item
Cutter knife with 9 mm blade. Discontinued product for a reduced price, as long as stocks last.
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