Yellotools APE DuoGreen Rakel für Nassverklebungen
Yellotools APE DuoGreen dimensions
Yellotools APE Duo Anwendung mit Scheibentönungsfolie

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APE Duo | multi-layer squeegee for wet film applications

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  • YT20ADG75
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Professional squeegee in two degrees of hardness for window tinting films and paint protection films


Rainer Lorz of FinestMedia wanted a squeegee for wet applications with the size and shape of the popular ProWrap trapezoidal squeegee.
We were happy to comply with this request and proudly present the multi-layer APE DuoGreen and DuoRed :-)

Due to the familiar shape, this squeegee lies perfectly in the hand, you feel immediately comfortable with it. The two-layer structure provides stability and flexibility at the same time. The DuoGreen is the harder and the DuoRed the softer version of this professional squeegee.

Different edge grinds of 30, 45 and 90 degrees allow different pressure to be applied during squeegeeing. When applying window tinting films, the liquid is optimally worked out of the film, and the pressure can be increased by simply turning the squeegee. For wet applications of paint protection films (PPF), suitable application fluids are available in our online store in the form of APE ApplePotion and APE FoamPotion.

Product features

  • multilayer structure
  • especially suitable for wet applications
  • different edge angles (30° / 45° / 90°)
  • hardness grades:
    65 / 95 Shore D (DuoRed)
    75 / 95 Shore D (DuoGreen)

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The YouTube video was blocked due to your cookie settings.

The YouTube video was blocked due to your cookie settings.

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