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YelloTwin | configurable plastic squeegee

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Interchangeable squeegee lips for signmaking and car wrapping

Film application professionals are often faced with the problem of having to alternate between several squeegee tools for applying self-adhesive films or in sign making: The squeegees have different shapes, they differ in hardness, they are already covered with various squeegee pads, etc.

To facilitate our customers' work, Yellotools offers the modular YelloTwin squeegee system, which can be configured for every specific purpose. The ergonomic handle consists of two shells, into each of which a squeegee blade is inserted. Combinations from very soft (35 Shore D) to very hard (93 Shore D) are possible. The handle is equipped with two magnets, so the YelloTwin can always be parked within easy reach on vehicle bodies, steel beams and other metal surfaces.

Configure your tool - exclusively with Yellotools

The modular YelloTwin squeegee is very versatile and can be used for a wide range of different applications, such as applying lettering, graphics and privacy films, for sign making or even for vehicle wrapping with car films. By using suitable squeegee pads, wet application of paint protection films, window tinting films and plotter films is also possible with the YelloTwin.

Thanks to the large selection of hardness grades, different combinations can be created to process changing surfaces with just one tool: Whether flat or uneven surfaces, rough or smooth substrates, dry or wet application - with the right squeegee lips and pads, the YelloTwin squeegee system becomes an "all-purpose weapon" for signmakers and car wrappers ;-)

Product features

  • individually combinable squeegee system
  • ergonomic handle
  • can be used on both sides
  • hardness grades from 35 to 93 Shore D

The respective degree of hardness of the squeegee lips is indicated by the material color:

  • Soft (35 Shore D): very soft and flexible
  • Green (40 Shore D): soft and flexible
  • Blue (62 Shore D): rather soft
  • Gold (72 Shore D): medium soft
  • Orange (82 Shore D): rather hard
  • Teflon (89 Shore D): hard, refined with Teflon technology
  • Peekaboo (93 Shore D): very hard, trendy smoked glass look

To try it out, we recommend the YelloTwin SampleBox, which contains the complete YelloTwin system and a selection of our YelloWings squeegee pads for wet and dry applications.

In addition, the YelloLip Cutter film cutter is available for the YelloTwin system: cut and apply films with just one tool!

Yellotools - Innovation for sign making and car wrapping

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