Yellotools WrapStick Sloan | Car Wrapping squeegee pens
Yellotools WrapStick Sloan Gold | squeegee pen
Yellotools WrapStick Sloan application example 1
Yellotools WrapStick Sloan application example 2
Yellotools WrapStick Sloan with WingPoly protective cover

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WrapStick Sloan | car wrapping squeegee stick

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Squeegee stick for professional vehicle wrapping


WrapStick Sloan is the brainchild of our customer Jonny Sloan of Art in Motion in Northern Ireland. Jonny uses the spade-shaped tool tip of the WrapStick to lift the rubber seals around windshield frames and door edges during car wrapping. He then uses the other tip to push the film beneath the seal.

It is easier to use two squeegee sticks directly for such jobs, e.g. the Sloan in combination with the WrapStick Carson by Jonny's colleague Carson Perry - these two are just an ideal combination ;-)

There are two different tool tips on the WrapStick Sloan: On one side is a blunt tapered tip that can be used to lift rubber seals. On the other side is a flat spade shape that makes it easier to apply and cut self-adhesive films in deep and hard-to-reach places.

In addition, this WrapStick is equipped with a powerful holding magnet to park it securely and within easy reach on the vehicle, GeckoPatch or the YelloGear Patch.

Product features

  • squeegee stick for detail applications
  • two different tool ends: flat spade shape & blunt tapered tip
  • integrated magnet

WrapStick Sloan is available in three hardness levels and comes with a matching Wing. squeegee pad:

  • Gold = medium (approx. 72 Shore D)
  • Teflon = hard (approx. 84 Shore D)
  • Peekaboo = very hard (approx. 89 Shore D)

With the very hard Peekaboo version, the film can be cut open beneath the seal without damaging the paint.

The right WrapStick for every purpose

Yellotools WrapSticks are offered in 7 shape variants and 5 different materials. The different shapes are suitable for rubber seals, for beads and other recesses or for film applications on door handles, headlight housings, parking sensors, etc. Depending on the plastic material used, the Green, Gold, Orange, Peekaboo and Teflon variants offer different bending strength and sliding properties.

Additional WrapStick variants are available:

  • Betty - round, flat tool end & narrow tip
  • Carson - flat spade shape & narrow tip
  • Flex - flexible, flat tool nose for window seals
  • HangLoose - angled tool ends (45° and 90°)
  • Hook - squeegee pen with hook shape
  • Tupp - narrow spade shape & semi-curved nose
  • Beavertail - slim squeegee stick without magnet

Yellotools - Innovation for signmaking and car wrapping

The YouTube video was blocked due to your cookie settings.

The YouTube video was blocked due to your cookie settings.

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