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A hot topic: pre-heating and post heating vinyl wrap films!

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Electric heatguns & accessories for professional vinyl application

Pre-heating vinyl films is a challenging task during car wrapping and requires not only experience and skill, but also good materials and tools. 

We would like to make this job as easy as possible for you. The WrapGun II heat gun was developed especially for these tasks. This heat gun offers a wide temperature range and features an extra-long cable to make full vinyl wraps more convenient to do. The WrapSun Power radiant heater is ideal for covering large areas on vans, buses and trucks.

Important note: Keep an eye on the working temperature so that there are no mishaps when applying the film. Therefore, we also offer products for temperature control: The TemperScan is a high-quality heatgun attachment utilizing infrared technology, and the YelloTemper ProWrap is the corresponding handheld device.

You don't always want to use both hands for tempering and temperature measurement? Then our ingenious YelloShuttle fits your needs perfectly! This temperature scanner makes working with only one hand possible and provides accurate measurements. Temperature control for vehicle wrapping has never been easier!

You can get both versions with a price advantage by ordering the practical YelloShuttle Set or WrapGun II Set.

Tool organization with Yellotools

With the YelloKNOX we offer a universal heat gun holder that can be attached to all magnetic surfaces like car bodies or mounted on the wall - this way, the heat gun is always at hand! Our GladiBelt is also becoming increasingly popular with professional car wrappers: the practical heat gun holder prevents you from getting burned and keeps the WrapGun safely at waist height.

Vehicle wrapping using a gas flame

Professionals like to use gas torches for vehicle wraps. With our WrapJet Easy Set or the WrapJet HeatGun Set, you always have a gas-powered heat gun at hand when applying vehicle graphics and vinyls.

You can buy your new car wrapping equipment here, directly from the manufacturer: Experience the many advantages of our tools for yourself and become part of the worldwide community of satisfied and passionate car wrappers who work with Yellotools products!

Yellotools - your partner for professional car wrapping!

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