Yellotools GoliaGrip Cut | vinyl cutter with plastic blades
Yellotools GoliaGrip Cut | vinyl cutter with two plastic blades
Yellotools GoliaGrip vinyl cutter handle measurements
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GoliaGrip | vinyl film cutter with plastic blades

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  • YT24GGC01
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The multi-tool for vinyl wrappers: Cut vinyls without collateral damage!

With the GoliaGrip, Yellotools offers a new type of vinyl cutter with interchangeable blades for safe cuts when wrapping. Similar to the Janus System, the extra-light anodised aluminium handle can be fitted with different cutting blades. With the GoliaGrip, the safety function takes priority: the two plastic blades and the WrapDefender cutting head with scalpel blade prevent rubber seals on the window frame, for example, from being damaged during cutting.

A minimal distance between the film and the substrate is the basic requirement for this cutting method. It therefore works particularly well in beads and narrow gaps, both on vehicles and on windows and pieces of furniture. 

Safe cuts with plastic blades

The GoliaGrip Cut is delivered with two special plastic blades, which can also be reordered in packs of 5. Changing the blade takes just a few seconds, so you always have the right tool for the job at hand.

The Blade 1 variant with its rounded shape is particularly useful for cuts between a window frame and seal: The narrowly tapered blade fits perfectly between the seal and the pane or window frame and cuts the film exactly where you want it. We recommend this variant for fine cuts, e.g. for foiled window frames, door seals on vehicles or furniture with glass panels.

The Blade 2 variant with a straight cutting edge offers a slightly wider shape in comparison, which allows the blade to centre itself better in beads and crevices. This blade is suitable for puncturing the film at any position to start the cut. This is particularly useful for gap cuts on all types of doors and in car body joints.

If necessary, both blades can be resharpened using the GoliaGrinder grindstone, which is sold separately. This also works if the material is already quite worn. GoliaGrinder features both a fine and a rough grinding surface.

Safety first: Avoid damage with the plastic nose

The GoliaGrip WrapDefender is equipped with the unique safety cutting head of the WrapDefender with scalpel blade. The plastic nose in front of the blade tip prevents the blade from plunging too deep. This means that film can be cut safely in joints and gaps without damaging underlying seals or painted surfaces. This concept has been tried and tested by car wrappers all over the world since the WrapDefender was launched!

If you already own a WrapDefender, you should try the GoliaGrip Cut: The aluminium handle offers optimum handling for the WrapDefender Head, and the two plastic blades are then also available to you thanks to the easy blade change ;-)

Note: The use of the GoliaGrip blades with the WrapDefender handle is not recommended.

Product features

  • vinyl cutter knife with interchangeable blades made of special plastic
  • safe cuts without damaging seals, paintwork etc.
  • quick and easy blade change
  • anodised aluminium handle (hard anodised)
  • WrapDefender cutting head with scalpel blade (GoliaGrip WrapDefender)
  • 2 plastic blades included (GoliaGrip Cut)
  • plastic blades separately available in a pack of 5 each
  • grinding stone for plastic blades separately available (GoliaGrinder)
  • safe storage in plastic quiver

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