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Precise cuts with Yellotools cutting rulers

Cutting vinyl films and fabric materials can be so easy: The SafetyRuler Platin has an integrated rail for use of the CutCoaster attachment. 
With this combination, you can cut films and textiles quickly, safely and more precisely than ever!

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Safe and precise cutting with dedicated cutting rulers

Every signmaker has his individual style of cutting and prefers a different cutting ruler, which is why we offer three different versions: The SafetyRuler Classic, Platin and X-Black feature a hand edge protection for maximum safety as well as an anti-slip mat on the underside, which significantly reduce possible cutting injuries.

Cutting and drawing angle for sign making professionals

What would a sign maker be without his angle ruler? That's why we designed the 2K-Cut made of robust stainless steel. If you want something lighter and less pricey, you can also choose the transparent 2K-Cut Eco made of high-quality acrylic glass. By the way, the square IvoCut ruler with different corner angles is very helpful when working on window and door frames ;-)

Order your new cutting ruler directly online and experience the advantages of the SafetyRulers or the 2K-Cuts for yourself - with Yellotools, you are guaranteed to cut at the highest level!

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