Yellotools IvoCut | Cutting Ruler | Corner Template
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Yellotools IvoCut with inventor Ivo Heinemann
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IvoCut | cutting ruler | corner template

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Cutting rulers for applications in tricky corners and angles


Uneven edges on silicone or putty-smeared windows? Not with us! The IvoCut is the ideal helper for all cutting operations in corners and angles.

This useful tool was suggested to us by our customer Ivo Heinemann from Schriftwelt Werbung in Germany. Ivo often encountered the problem that the edges of panes or surfaces to be fully glued often ended unevenly or were smeared by silicone or putty. Accurate cutting or cutting the film to length in corners was almost impossible.

Thoughtful features enable best handling

Therefore, Ivo asked us to produce a steel ruler with a handle and various radii: The IvoCut features a 90° angle as well as outer radii with 1.0, 3.5 and 6.0 mm degrees. This ruler, made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, also features anti-slip pads, a sturdy handle and a special scale that can be marked - so the signmaking professional is well equipped for all corner application jobs!

IvoCut Cam: transparent version for the full view

Cameron Sutherland from Australia suggested that we should offer the IvoCut in a transparent acrylic version as well. Naturally, a stainless steel cutting edge is more robust and cut-resistant than any plastic - but there would also be a need for a transparent contact edge, which would be more suitable for certain applications, according to CAMeron :) So take a look at the IvoCut Cam as well - maybe you need exactly this tool for your next job!

Sticks perfectly onto glass surfaces: the IvoCut X-treme

The potential of the IvoCut seems to be infinite: We have just equipped it with our X-treme Mat! Thanks to this special suction cup foil, the IvoCut X-treme can now be used on smooth surfaces such as glass or plastic sheets. The unique capillary action allows films, plates and even entire tools to adhere securely and yet always be removed without leaving any residue.

Product features

  • Cutting rulers for corner applications
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel, 1.5 mm thickness (IvoCut)
                        Acrylic plastic (IvoCut Cam)
                        Stainless steel, soft PVC, micro suction cup foil (IvoCut X-treme)
  • Features: non-slip, four different angles, markable scale

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