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Specialty knives, vinyl film cutters and professional scissors for high precision work

We offer high-quality cutting tools for every application: Vinyl applicators and sign making professionals use Yellotools knives, cutters and scissors to cut contours from films, produce sign blanks and prepare advertising materials for installation.

From professional scissors to cutter knives and special cutters for liners, sign making professionals will find the right tools for  perfect work results right here.

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Cut car wrapping vinyls perfectly with Yellotools specialty knives

Car wrappers love our tools, be it as an application aid, detailing tool or for the perfect gap cut. The SasserCut Pro roller-guided gap knife provides clean cut lines for vinyl applications on car doors, sill trims and other areas with body gaps.

Our WrapDefender safety knives with their scalpel blade prevent damage to vehicle paintwork, windows, sealing rubbers, add-on parts and all sensitive surfaces thanks to the protective nose in front of the blade. Distance cuts along interior seals or bonded exterior windows become muc easier with the YelloGuide Flexi.

Scissors, knives and film cutters for signmakers

When creating signs and shop window lettering, professionals work with techniques such as hinge application. For this purpose, we offer the BodyGuardKnives: The BodyGuard Knife Pro Teflon, for example, allows separate cutting of film and backing paper without the knife head sticking to the film adhesive. The BodyGuardKnife Twin and Twin Flexi versions are used for precise strip cuts.

And if your arms are too short, we also have the right tool in our range: with the extra-long LongReach Duo, even large-format cuts are no longer a problem.

The Janus series of 2in1 tools with their high-quality scalpel blades make it easy to perform precise cuts in all types of film materials. They are also ideal as weeding tools for plotter and textile films thanks to their interchangeable tool tips.

When cutting beveled or screened surfaces, the use of a rolling knife is invaluable. With the YelloWheel Pro, we have the ideal professional tool with adjustable rolling levels in our range.

And the classic scissors are also still frequently used: With the YelloShear Basic and YelloShear Pro, we offer high-quality scissors for professional use. With their extremely high degree of sharpness, these scissors from Japanese production also meet the highest demands in terms of durability and precision.

Order your new knives, scissors and special cutters directly online - with Yellotools products, professional signmakers and car wrappers are perfectly equipped for all application and sign production jobs!

Yellotools - Innovation for signmaking and car wrapping

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