Yellotools AllStar Gold Squeegee
Yellotools AllStar Gold | Signmaker Squeegee Application
Yellotools AllStar Gold | Signmaker Squeegee Application 1
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AllStar | plastic squeegee | vinyl squeegee Gold

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Versatile squeegee for wrinkle-free film application

This squeegee shape was requested by many users for whom a normal plastic squeegee simply did not sit deep enough in the palm of their hand, and as a result surface appliations often ended in cramps and joint pain. The extra-wide flank of the Yellotools AllStar prevents this and allows fatigue-free work, since the rear edge can be placed well in the hand and thus the pressure no longer has to be applied exclusively through the fingertips.

The Allstar is a real all-round talent

There are many possible applications for this squeegee shape, as the name already suggests: the AllStar is ideal for applying car wrapping films to all body parts of the vehicle. Whether it's large areas like hoods and doors or applying over edges on fenders and sills, this plastic squeegee is the perfect tool for beginners and professionals alike in the field of vehicle wrapping. And of course, signmakers also benefit from the properties of this applicator when designing shop windows and other advertising materials!

Plastic squeegee with 30° flank

The so-called "30° flank" of the AllStar squeegee is also new and special. This radius allows wrinkle-free application even with large material feed rates, and the film can be perfectly applied to car body edges by "rolling". Of course, the AllStar squeegee features the CenterFinder and is available in all Yellotools Shore hardness grades, just like our other plastic squeegees and WrapSticks.

The respective degree of hardness is indicated by the material color:

  • Green (40 Shore D): very soft and flexible
  • Blue (62 Shore D): rather soft, inexpensive
  • Antistatic (70 Shore D): medium soft, antistatic material
  • Clean (72 Shore D): medium soft, antibacterial material
  • Gold (72 Shore D): medium soft
  • Pink (72 Shore D): medium soft
  • Orange (82 Shore D): rather hard
  • Black (88 Shore D): hard ATTENTION SALE! Only while stocks last!!!
  • Teflon (89 Shore D): very hard, refined with Teflon technology
  • Peekaboo (93 Shore D): hard, trendy smoked glass look


We recommend the use of our YelloWings self-adhesive squeegee pads to avoid scratches and streaks during installation ;-)

Yellotools - Innovation for sign making and car wrapping

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